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Happy New Year!

Ok, admittedly we haven’t been updating much on the site thus far. Hey, we’re busy trying to make a film here, to raise money to make the film, and to do some paying work here and there. We have some reasonable reasons.

Here’s where we stand: we are 90% finished with shooting. We will still head to Utica to pick up some odds and ends through summer to make sure our finished story is as up to date as possible. Our next shoot is scheduled for Jan.14-17. That’s when LIRS ( will be visiting Utica and MVRCR for the monitoring visit they make every three years. LIRS is one of nine VOLAGs in the US. VOLAGs are the organizations responsible for placing refugees in specific geographic areas and LIRS is responsible for the Utica area.

On the editing front, we’ve begun to edit some of the scenes we have. As the director, and as a guy who worries a lot, I tend to get overly concerned that we don't have enough scenes playing out in real time to give the film the intimacy I want it to have. We’ve spent a lot of quality time in Utica with our characters and I want to share the vibe. Like many of my worries, I needn’t have bothered. We have some nice stuff. I’m excited about the challenge of combining these quiet and not so quiet moments with the big picture our experts will paint of Utica.

Loch right after being told his blog post was too long.

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