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We're on PBS, and will be again!

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Guess who's famous?! That's right, yesterday we got a shout out on the PBS News Hour for our new short film Mahira Patkovich: A Refugee Rises about one of the many refugees that will be a part of the larger Utica: The Last Refuge story. Mahira is the embodiment of the powerful economic impact that refugees continue to have in Utica and we're so glad she is getting the highlight she deserves.

Getting New American Economy to partner with us for this short is something we're really proud of as their whole mission is based on the deeply researched belief that refugees and immigrants are key to, "help grow our economy and create jobs for all Americans."

ALSO... Keep an eye out sometime in the next three weeks (will update when we have more details) when our very own filmmakers Loch and Adam will be interviewed live on the PBS News Hour!

ALSO ALSO.... To see the full short film and learn more about NAE click this link:

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