Perhaps the best use of the film is organizing community screenings in areas of significant refugee resettlement to help communities see the power of identifying themselves as welcoming. The film has also been used in areas considering refugee resettlement as a mean of softening the ground for their arrival. While Utica: The Last Refuge is a useful tool for advocacy, that audiences find the film compelling and uplifting cannot be understated. Post screening Q&A sessions have been well attended and energetic.

“Hi Loch. Last night we screened the film in Oneonta at the Foothills Performing Arts & Civic Center. We were expecting 30 people but at least 80 showed up! And we raised $1,500 from donations at the event. After the screening people asked if you were in the room: they wanted to meet you and thank you for the film.

The Otsego Refugee Resettlement Coalition now has close to $20,000 in funds as well as 4-6 apartments and houses ready for occupancy. A few weeks ago, the Coalition submitted an application with LIRS to begin the formal process of receiving refugees. The Center in Utica will support us as we move forward.

Thank you again for making such a great film. It helps our efforts to persuade others that refugee resettlement is unqualifiedly good for the community.”

Mark Wolff, Professor, Hartwick College
"Everything in this film — the slices of everyday life, the intimacy — details a people and a community who found each other and together gained salvation. I am proud to say it is my community, and I have never before seen it captured so perfectly."

John Zogby, Pollster and native Utican