In a world with ever increasing numbers of refugees, it is important to the international image of the United States to be recognized as a welcoming country. Doing so should be a simple calculation when we recognize the contributions that refugees make to the communities in which they land. Utica: The Last Refuge delivers a powerful message of how focusing on local community building can be an expression of global citizenship.
Listening to the stories of refugees does inspire.

"Gives such a kind of a vivid portrait of the ways in which a neighborhood can really resuscitate itself... I found this to be an honest and hopeful film. It takes the viewer into the heart of one of the most pressing and significant debates of our time: how, why, and for whom are our communities changing, and what do we owe one another through that process?"

Pablo Bose, Associate Professor in Department of Geography, University of Vermont
“I loved the film, especially how you were able to weave the Azein family’s story into the broader tapestry of the Center and Utica. You’ve captured an amazing document and created a really powerful tool for advocacy with this film. Everyone should see this movie!!!“

Charles Hailer, Graduate Student, Rockefeller College for Public Policy at The University of Albany